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She wants to believe that love can make anything possible, but can it?

Shannon McGregor boarded her plane to San Francisco with simple plans for touring the city a few days followed by a job interview at the end of the week. What she hadn’t included in her itinerary was fellow passenger, Zane Taylor. Not only is the gorgeous doctor seated next to her for the four-flight single and an obvious flirt, he also becomes her knight in shining armor when she finds herself in a predicament with no way out but with his help! Several days, and one particular night she’ll never forget spent in his arms, has her dreaming about forever with him. But are amazing nights all Zane is prepared to offer her? And is she willing to leave everything she knows and loves behind in Chicago, including her family and friends, for him?

When it comes to love and heartache, he has been there and done that with no desire to repeat it, so will he?

A self-proclaimed bachelor for life, Zane Taylor has always been unable to resist the opportunity to come to the rescue of a beautiful woman. Especially when the beautiful woman possesses legs that seem to never end and bright green eyes that have him fantasizing about her extending her stay in town indefinitely. Volunteering for medical assignments all of the world, Zane has had a woman in every port as the saying goes, but has his ship finally come in, and for good? Is he willing to make the sacrifices he thinks are necessary to keep Shannon in San Francisco? And if not, is he willing to let her return to Chicago and leave him and his heart behind?

When obligations and duty rule their heads, will their hearts finally prevail, bringing them together for a life they’ve both dreamed of?


She knows he’s willing to warm her bed each night but is he willing to make it forever?

Haley Bennett thought her life as an ER doctor and the mommy of two rescued Dobermans couldn’t get any crazier….that is until a gorgeous private investigator named Donovan McGregor informs her that her best friend has tangled with the wrong guy and is in danger. When things start spiraling out of control with the bad guys, Haley has to decide whether she wants Donovan to protect her… or if what she really needs is to protect her heart from him. Does Haley want Donovan to pursue both her and the crooks? If so, will she want him to make his pursuit permanent? Or will Haley decide once the excitement ends, so will they?


He realizes she may want more from him than he’s offering, but he is willing to take the risk?

Donovan McGregor loves his life as a private detective and the freedom that comes along with it. When a case leads him to Dr. Haley Bennett, Donovan is more than happy to take on the role of her bodyguard. Dealing with mysterious break-ins, following up on leads, tracking bad guys, and worrying about Haley’s safety, keeps Donovan busy during the day. His nights he dedicates to Haley, only too happy to follow the doctor’s orders. But will a relationship with Haley threaten his beloved freedom, forcing him to decide which he loves more: his independence or Haley?


When it’s time to make choices that will decide the fate of their future, will they let love be the determining factor?