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Loving Jake

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Kimberly Urbane is used to living a predictable life. She’d love to have a husband and a houseful of kids someday, but her thriving photography career leaves her too busy to date. At least that’s what she tells herself. Besides, she’s been in love with Jake Taylor since junior high. Too bad Jake has always thought of her as one his best friend’s little sisters, and Kimberly has always been too shy to prove him otherwise. That is until he unexpectedly comes back into town, needing a room to rent, and Kimberly has one available. Well, sort of. Long days, and even longer nights, prove that there’s an undeniable attraction between them. But Kimberly fears it may not be enough to convince Jake that they have a chance together.

 A bitter divorce years ago left Jake Taylor wounded and no longer interested when it comes to love. His life as an international journalist, traveling around the world with nothing to tie him down, suits him just fine - until a visit back to his hometown threatens to change his mind. He never paid much attention to his friend’s kid sister and her obvious crush on him, but now they’re both all grown up and the more time he spends with her, the harder she is to resist. Jake knows he can’t possibly give Kimberly the future she wants and deserves, but his feelings for her are strong and his ability to resist her is weakening. 

When wounded pride and well-kept secrets turn everything in their world upside-down, can Kimberly and Jake put the past aside, and find their way to a happy ending?

Taming Zane

Shannon McGregor boards her plane to San Francisco with the simple plan to tour the city for a few days followed by a job interview with a university at the end of the week. What she hadn’t included in her itinerary was fellow passenger, Zane Taylor. Not only is the gorgeous doctor seated next to her for the four-hour flight single, and an obvious flirt, he also becomes her knight in shining armor when she finds herself stranded in the city with nowhere else to go. Several days, and one particular night she’ll never forget, has her dreaming about forever with him. But are amazing nights all Zane is prepared to offer her?

A self-proclaimed bachelor for life, Zane Taylor has always been unable to resist the opportunity to rescue a beautiful woman. Especially when the beautiful woman possesses legs that seem to never end and bright green eyes that have him fantasizing about her extending her stay in town indefinitely. Volunteering for medical assignments all over the world, Zane has had a woman in every port. So why does spending time with Shannon feel like he’s finally come home?

When obligations and duty rule their heads, Shannon and Zane will have to trust their hearts to bring them together for the life they’ve always dreamed of.


Seducing Donovan


Haley Bennett thought her life as an ER doctor and mommy of two rescued Dobermans couldn’t get any crazier … untilhunky P.I. Donovan McGregor shows up and informs her that her best friend has gotten involved with the wrong people. The more time she spends with Donovan searching for her friend, the more that visions of tangled sheets and staying together forever chase her…as do the bad guys. When things start spiraling out of control in more ways than one, Haley has to decide whether she needs Donovan’s protection—or if she needs to protect her heart from him.


Donovan loves being a PI and enjoys being single just as much. When a new case leads him to the sexy Dr. Haley Bennett, he’s more than happy to take on the role of bodyguard. He knows that nothing serious will happen between them, as he doesn’t get personally involved with clients. And while dealing with break-ins, following leads, and worrying about Haley’s safety keeps him busy during the day, he finds himself eager to dedicate his nights to her as well. As their relationship grows, Donovan realizes his latest case also involves a stolen heart… his own.

Pursuing Liam

She wants a baby, and she’ll get one—with or without a man…


Taryn has given up on the dating scene. Her veterinarian practice is successful, her biological clock is ticking, and it’s time to start a family. Enter Liam McGregor, hunky Chicago Firefighter and part-time mural artist. He’ll give her the baby she wants, no strings attached. It’s the perfect arrangement, until Taryn starts realizing she wants more than a baby: she wants Liam, too.


Between the two passions of his job and his art, Liam’s life is full and he knows exactly what he wants…until he offers to help the gorgeous, Taryn Williams. She’s nothing like he expected and everything he didn’t know he needed. Besides, it couldn’t hurt to have a sexy friends-with-benefits waiting for him at the end of a shift. Because that’s all Liam wants. That’s all he needs. 


Isn’t it?


Convincing Colin

Convincing Colin final ebook 1.24.22.jpg

Zoe’s fallen hard for Colin, the handsome detective who came to her rescue last year, with his dreams of a big family and simple life. After Zoe landed in a whole heap of trouble, she decided to turn her life around and make the dashing man of her dreams realize that they are meant to be… even if that means taunting with him dating apps, helping him take down the bad guys with a pair Manolo Blahnik, or simply showing him that she loves him more than her favorite Degas painting. 

Colin’s dreamed of having a large family like he had as a kid. He’s yet to find a woman who wants the same thing because Zoe, the gorgeous, and well, eccentric, artist that makes his heart race doesn’t count. She claims she’s ready to settle down and start a family but Colin’s not convinced she’s capable of commitment. He tries to fight his attraction for Zoe but with an arsenal of exotic tattoos, goofy dogs and friends that are as cunning as the best of cons, there’s only so much one detective can do.

Enticing Luke

He had some questions…and she gave all the wrong answers.


Luke’s learned the hard way that a pretty face gets him nothing but trouble. His solution? A series of questions to use as a dating screener. The woman with the right answers would be perfect, except for one tiny problem. Madison Anderson, the woman he really wants, the one who makes him laugh and can rock a bikini better than most on Boca Raton’s beaches, just failed the test. Miserably.


Madison is hardly oblivious to her new neighbor, Luke Bennet. A sexy construction worker with sun-kissed hair and an easy smile that makes her melt? Yes please. But it’s not like she’s going gaga over him like the other women in her condo building. And since she’s engaged, anything between them will have to be strictly as friends... even if every one of her senses is sending her messages that they want so much more.

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