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When friends with benefits gets complicated...

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Almost Perfect    series

loving JAKE

Kimberly Urbane is used to living a predictable life. She’d love to have a husband and a houseful of kids someday, but her thriving photography career leaves her too busy to date.Besides, she’s been in love with Jake Taylor since junior high.

taming Zane

Shannon McGregor boards her plane to San Francisco with the simple plan to tour the city for a few days followed by a job interview with a university at the end of the week. What she hadn’t included in her itinerary was fellow passenger, Zane Taylor.

seducing Donovan

Haley Bennett thought her life as an ER doctor and mommy of two rescued Dobermans couldn’t get any crazier…. until hunky P.I. Donovan McGregor shows up and informs her that her best friend has tangled with the wrong guy and is in serious danger.

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pursuing LIAM

Find out if Taryn and Liam can go from friends-to-lovers-to-forever in this funny, light-hearted, contemporary romance that will melt your heart. no longer deny and isn’t sure he wants to.

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wanting Jace

Lexi hasn’t been back to her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska for ten years, but now it’s her high school reunion and her chance to see Jace Mathews again. She’s loved Jace since the moment he tugged on her pigtail in the second grade. Unfortunately, he’s never given her any indication that she was anything more than just a friend – that is until she wakes up next to him the morning after celebrating the first evening of the three-day event. 

Jace has loved Lexi for as long as he can remember, and circumstances have changed since they were in high school. Maybe, just maybe, now there’s a chance for the two of them. Or so he thought until Lexi wrongly accuses him of something that leaves Jace wondering whether she is still the same girl he has spent most of his life in love with. 

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leaving DAMIEN

You met Carly, Kimberly’s meddling-but-well-meaning sister, in Loving Jake and asked what’s up with her and her husband Damien? Is trouble brewing in their fairy tale marriage? Find out in their short story!